SFZ-A/EP Range

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The SFZ range provides for efficient humidity control and the economical prevention of condensation, mold, corrosion damage, increased reliability of electrical systems, optimized process conditions for manufacture and production as well as stable climate conditions in warehouses and archives. The explosion proof design (SFZ-EP) allows for dehumidification operation in extremely hazardous environments with 360 degrees of protection.
With all condenser dryers of the SFZ series, humidity control can be humidity-dependent by means of target value specification at the built in hygrostat or humidity independent by continuous operation.

For flexible use at different locations, SFZ units may be provided with stable swivel casters (except SFZ-620 EP) and a residual water draining function.


• High standard explosion proof
• High performance design
• Energy efficient dehumidification
• DAIKIN compressor with quiet operation
• Hygrostat control system with LED display and variable humidity setting (1% RH steps)
• Easy to replace and reusable nylon net filter
• Optional LCD display with timer function (factory installation only)
• Optional hot-gas defroster (factory installation)
• Optional plug-and-play condensate pump for continuous drainage operation (factory / onsite installation)


• Industrial factories
• Utility companies
• Storage rooms with products sensitive to humidity
• Munitions storage warehouses
• Laboratories


• 2 sizes up to 2943 CFM / 5000 CMH of air volume and 1310 / 620 dehumidification performance (24Hr/Pints/L).




The below models have been specified under AHRI standards.